Who invented it?

The Dogstepper was invented by Denise Nardelli, dog trainer since 1992 as well as author, dog dance trainer and coach for trick trainers.

As one of the first dog trainers in the german speaking world Denise started giving trick dog training and dogdance workshops in 1999. Whenever she gave a course she was driving a big car full of equipment in order to have the right objects for training each trick. Over the years she got more and more fed up with it and keen on replacing all the individual objects with one single modular system.

2008 Denise developed the first prototype of the Dogstepper, had it produced thirty times and distributed the prototypes to other dog trainers and dog physios asking for feedback.

After two years of testing and analysing the feedback she developed the current version, which has received an enthusiastic reception from tens of thousands of dog owners, dog trainers and dog physiotherapists.

2013 the system of BLOXX was extended to include LINXX connectors, which enable the stacking of BLOXX elements. Since then this system has become internationally used for dogdance and obedience. At the request of many obedience-, dogdance- and trick-trainers, in 2020 Denise developed square elements to the puzzle, called QUIXX and QUAXX which enable the building of corners. QUIXX and QUAXX were combined into MultiBLOXX in 2022. In 2024 FlatBLOXX Basic and FlatBLOXX Micro are being added. With their lower height they are not only convenient for phasing out higher podiums but also for older or smaller dogs.

The Dogsteppers are used for the European qualification of dog trick trainers -  Learn to Train Tricks

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